Brake Service & Repair
Have your brakes inspected at Autolane
$ 39 / per brake pad
Pricing exclude hourly rate
Services Included:
  • Complete brakes inspection
  • Brake pad or brake shoe replacement
  • Brake / hydraulic fluid (level and condition)
  • Brake light diagnosis

Is It Time to Replace Your Brake Pads/Drums?

When it concerns brake systems, it is advisable not to delay addressing any potential repairs. By continuing to drive a vehicle with brake issues, the risk of accidents can rise, and one may encounter unpleasant vibrations and loud screeching noises during driving.

Brake Testing and Inspections

If you suspect that your brakes are not functioning properly, it is crucial not to delay any further. Get your brakes examined at Phoenix Truck Repairs without delay.

Indications that necessitate a brake inspection for potential repairs include: a sticky brake pedal, noisy brakes, vibrations when braking, or the illumination of a brake warning light.

Service Benefits

Regularly bringing your truck in for servicing aids in verifying the proper functioning of all components and serves as a preventive measure against potential issues.

Increase Safety

Regular break inspection will keep you safe

Money Saving

Find issues before repair become expensive

Frequently Asked Questions

Transmission fluid should be exchanged every 60,000 miles. By following your vehicle's manufacturer recommendations on transmission fluid exchanges, you are truly protecting your vehicle from preventable (and expensive) transmission damage.

If your vehicle uses conventional oil, you should have it replaced every 3 months or 3,000 miles.

If your vehicle uses synthetic oil, you should have it replaced every 6 months or 5,000 miles.

Truck batteries ideally last between 3-5 years depending on a number of factors.

To ensure optimal performance and maintenance, simply have your battery checked by an technician during every oil change.

Certified automotive technicians are held to measurable and strict standards in their line of work, and they are accountable to those standards individually.

Phoenix Truck Repair is dedicated to upholding those standards.